Drawings by Pisanello. A selection with Introduction and Notes. Hill George F.. Dover Publications, 1965.


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Dover Publications ; 1965; Noisbn ; brossura ; 28 x 20,5 cm; pp. 60 ; 64 plates, 71 drawings. Volume riccamente illustrato a b./n, illustrazioni fuori testo. ; Presenta leggeri segni d’uso ai bordi (senza mancanze nè lacerazioni), interno senza scritte. ; Molto buono (come da foto). ; n 1856, a Milanese print-publisher named Vallardi offered for sale 378 sheets of drawings reputed to be the work of Leonardo da Vinci. Bought by the Louvre, the collection was found to contain some 250 sheets of drawings by Pisanello. Pisanello (1395?-1456?) was a painter of marked originality and the greatest of. Italian medalists. Today he is singled out particularly for his masterful depictions of animals, a reputation which rests in part on the drawings of the Vallardi collection. In Pisanello’s other remaining works -two great frescoes, his paintings and medals -animals also appear, worked skillfully into the foreground and background. Many of the Vallardi drawings are studies for the animal figures of the larger works. This book reproduces a total of 71 drawings, all but four taken from the Vallardi collection. The drawings include several portrait studies, sketches for medals and a gallows study. The majority of the illustrations, however, are of animals, particularly domestic animals: cows, dogs, falcons and horses. Horses are clearly a favorite subject with Pisanello. They are drawn from many angles, with detailed studies of the head, muzzle, eyes, teeth and nostrils. The drawings are done with the greatest possible economy and simplicity of style, Jet their realism is startling. The accompanying text gives a biographical sketch of Pisanello, with dates of his principal works and a full account of the Vallardi collection’s history. Hill enters his opinions on some of the controversies surrounding Pisanello’s work, and discusses watermarks and handwriting samples as helps to authenticating the drawings. Each sheet of drawings is fully described in terms of the medium used, subject matter, relationship to larger works, and other factual notes. ; ATTENZIONE! Spedizione tracciabile entro 24 ore lavorative. Il libro sarà accompagnato dallo scontrino, chi volesse la fattura deve comunicare i dati completi al momento dell’ordine. Contatti: 0118390381.