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The Reconstruction of Western Europe, 1945-51. Milward Alan S.. Methuen, 1987.

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Methuen (University Paperbacks No. 881); 1987 ; 9780416043525; brossura ; 23,5 x 15,5 cm; pp. XXI-528; ; Presenta leggeri segni d’uso ai bordi (senza mancanze nè lacerazioni), interno ottimo senza scritte, timbro alla seconda pagina. ; Buono (come da foto). ; The hardcover edition of The Reconstruction of Western Europe, 1945-51 was hailed by reviewers as a landmark study. Based on exhaustive research, it analyses Europe’s reconstruction after the war and the origins of the Great Boom. Alan Milward overturns widely held views about the nature and effects of Marshall Aid, the OEEC, the European Payments Union, the Schuman Plan and Bretton Woods. He challenges the Marshall Plan, for example, in a sustained comparison between the professed objectives of policy and the underlying realities of both policy and economic results, which has fundamental implications for our diplomatic, economic and political understanding of the period. For this paperback edition Alan Milward has corrected the text and updated the bibliography. It sets new standards for the interpretation of the immediate post-war years and is essential reading for students of modern European history and politics. ; ATTENZIONE! Spedizione tracciabile entro 24 ore lavorative. Il libro sarà accompagnato dallo scontrino, chi volesse la fattura deve comunicare i dati completi al momento dell’ordine. Contatti: 0118390381.