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At Twelve portraits of young women. Sally Mann. Aperture, 1988.

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Aperture ; 1988; 9780893812966 ; Rilegato con titoli al dorso, sovracoperta; 28,5 x 24,5 cm; pp. 53; Introduction by Ann Beattie. Numerose fotografie b/n . ; Presenta leggeri segni d’uso ai bordi della sovracoperta (senza mancanze nè lacerazioni, piccole imperfezioni), volume saldo, interno senza scritte; Molto buono, (come da foto). ; “These photographs offer a subtle and knowing visual statement about that most poignant and vulnerable time, when girls become women…. Sally Mann is a brilliant observer and artist both.” – Robert Coles, author of The Moral Life of Children At Twelve is Sally Mann’s revealing, collective portrait of twelveyear-old girls on the verge of adulthood. To be young and female in America is a time of tremendous excitement and social possibilities; it is a trying time as well, caught between childhood and adulthood, when the difference is not entirely understood. As Ann Beattie writes in her perceptive introduction, “These girls still exist in an innocent world in which a pose is only a pose what adults make of that pose may be the issue.” The consequences of this misunderstanding can be real: destitution, abuse, unwanted pregnancy. Mann does not deny this reality, but records it, both in the faces of her subjects and in written stories that accompany thirteen of the portraits, adding another dimension to our understanding of “childhood.” The young women in Mann’s unflinching, large-format photographs, however, are not victims. They return the viewer’s gaze with a disturbing equanimity. Poet Jonathan Williams writes, “Sally Mann’s girls are the ones who do the hard looking in At Twelve-be up to it!” Partly this is a result of the remarkable rapport that Mann is able to establish with her subjects. Herself the mother of three, Mann has lived most of her life in Lexington, Virginia, where all of these pictures were taken. In fact, many of the families of the young women were cared for by her father, who was the town doctor for over forty years. So while At Twelve is an intensely personal vision of what it means, now, to be twelve and female, each of Mann’s subjects is allowed the opportunity to frankly return our wondering, reminiscent gaze and to have a history of her own, rooted in a specific place at a particular moment-at twelve. ; L’immagine se disponibile, corrisponde alla copia in vendita.