How to play the Ruy Lopez. Taulbut Shaun. Batsford, 1987.


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Batsford; 1987; 0713448733; brossura ; 21,5 x 14 cm; pp. 124; Adviser GM R. D. Keene OBE. Technical editor P.A. Lamford. Volume riccamente illustrato b./n. ; Presenta leggeri segni d’uso ai bordi (senza mancanze nè lacerazioni), interno con rare scritte, volume brunito; Accettabile (come da foto). ; The Ruy Lopez or Spanis is one of the oldest opening and was first mentioned by Lucena in 1490. Nowadays it is one of the most popular and heavily analysed variations, with the main lines often extending to move 30 or beyond. However, it is not necessary for the average player to learn copious amounts of theory to understand the strategic ideas of the Lopez. By carefully selecting typical games, the author explains the basic principles of each line and allows the reader to select variations which suit his style. The plans which should be adopted by each side are stressed throughout and typical pawn structures and their significance in the endgame are examined ; ATTENZIONE! Spedizione tracciabile entro 24 ore lavorative. Il libro sarà accompagnato dallo scontrino, chi volesse la fattura deve comunicare i dati completi al momento dell’ordine. Contatti: 0118390381.